Architecture ex Machina

What do you hope to get out of this group?

Our goal is to engage folks from the full spectrum of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry professionals. We recognize that collaboration is the key to any successful endeavor and harnessing the power and potential of artificial intelligence is no different.

We hope that this forum serves as a focal point for like-minded individuals to share ideas, get feedback, and make progress in applying artificial intelligence to our industry.

What do you hope to get out of this group?

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At TEECOM, we design technology systems. We have 20+ years of expertise doing this, and we recognize the potential that this collection of work has as a dataset to a machine learning system. We hope to be able to engage with professionals like design and executive architects, structural and MEP engineers, contractors, and anyone with experience outside our domain of expertise. We would like to be able to offer advice from our experience in transitioning from a traditional design firm that accumulates experience in people and PDFs, to one that is able to examine its dataset of past work and extract new insights using all kinds of machine learning. We would also like to be able to hear from designers and engineers that face more aesthetic motivators than we do to understand what challenges they face in this same transition.

For instance, the results on generating architectural spaces from computer vision researchers are impressive, but upon closer inspection, they clearly do not understand how all the components of a building go together. This is the kind of problem that we think needs to be solved by professionals from AEC fields those kinds of expertise and motivation simply don’t exist in the computer vision community.